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    Binhai Torch Dyestuff Co., Ltd.(Binhai Torch Technology Co., Ltd.) is a limited liability company specializing in the production and processing of cationic dyes series, etc. We are a company invested or share-held by natural persons, and our head office is located in Binhai of Yanchang city.

    Torch Dyestuff
    Torch Dyestuff
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    • Add: Antailu, Touzengcun, Binhuai town, Binhai County, Jiangsu, China

      Contact: Zheng Guorong +86-13606172850 , Gu Yahui +86-15371223601

      Fax: +86-515-84383253

      E-mail: sales@hjdye.com

      URL: www.hjdye.com

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